The Dispute Resolution Center of Washtenaw and Livingston Counties seeks to build peaceful communities by offering a variety of affordable conflict resolution services and trainings

General Civil Mediator Training

Register for Spring Training Today! Spring Dates: May 16, 17, 18 andMay 30, 31,  June 1, 2014 Questions? feel free to give us a call! (734) 794-2125   See details

Peer Mediation

Peer mediation involves training students in problem solving and conflict resolution.  Conflict is a natural part of life, and sometimes students may not deal with it appropriately.  Peer mediation training See details

Adult Guardianship

Our mediators have advanced training in Adult Guardianship  situations. Typical issues that are addressed: Health/medical care, financial decisions, living arrangements, family relationships, including who should be the decision-maker or the See details

Special Education Mediation

Issues which arise between parents of students with disabilities and school personnel are often challenging and emotional. Although everyone wants the best educational program for each student, not everyone always See details

Divorce and Separation

Mediation is less combative than litigation and helps to preserve the part of the relationship necessary to co-parent or re-address issues afterwards.  Domestic relations mediation can be used to address: See details

DRC Brown Bag Lunch Series 2013

The Brown Bag Lunch Series is in full swing for the 2013-2014 Sessions.     The sessions will still be FREE to DRC Volunteer Mediators and ADR section members of the Washtenaw County Bar Association. An optional See details

General Civil Mediator Training Peer Mediation Adult Guardianship Special Education Mediation Divorce and Separation DRC Brown Bag Lunch Series 2013
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Just Say Yes

The DRC is proud to honor the Peacemaking Court with Judge Timothy Connors, in recognition of just and humane resolution of social conflict.  Please join us for an evening of celebration.  Your support enables our friends and neighbors to become peace builders by keeping our conflict resolution programs affordable.

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Spring Dates:

May 16, 17, 18 and
May 30, 31,  June 1, 2014

Questions? feel free to give us a call!

(734) 794-2125


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Over the course of a typical 2 hour mediation, mediators lead disputing parties through a discussion and help them develop their own agreement. Everyone gets heard without interruptions, in a safe comfortable setting. Although most mediations end in agreement, the option of litigation is still open to disputing parties if they are not satisfied with the results.

The Dispute Resolution Center of Washtenaw County has helped thousands of people achieve satisfactory results and avoid costly litigation through mediation.
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restorative_justice_websizeRecently Washtenaw Community College newspaper "The Washtenaw Voice" featured The DRC's Conflict Resolution Program at Ypislanti Community High School.  Please follow the link below to read the article!

Helping Students Help Themselves

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The DRC goes back to school on September 3, 2013!  Due to last school year’s success we will be returning to the Ypsilanti Community School district in a lager capacity.  Our school programs include Restorative Justice Practices, Peer Mediation, Conflict Coaching, School Attendance Mediation, Special Education Mediation, and trainings. All of these services will help create a peaceful, safe learning environment for students, parents and school staff. 


Check out our 2012-2013 Conflict Resolution Room Program Report by clicking HERE


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